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Youth Zone: Two Consultations

The Council are now consulting residents on the proposed South Bristol Youth Zone via up until 2nd January 2022.  This is a NEW survey, which follows on from the far broader survey they carried out earlier in the Autumn.  This survey is to gather residents' feedback and is intended to be included in the Full Business Case that the … Continue reading Youth Zone: Two Consultations

New Secondary school – letter to secretary of state for education

Earlier this year Knowle West Futures and Knowle West Alliance wrote to the Secretary of State for Education and the Mayor about the delay in opening for the new local secondary school; specifically, to request that an interim solution is found for young people who would be starting in Y7 in 2023/24. We have just … Continue reading New Secondary school – letter to secretary of state for education

Local Jobs for Young People

FOUR new Kickstart Job roles here in Knowle West! PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR LOCAL NETWORKS/CONTACTS: local Kickstarter opportunities We have 4 roles available in Knowle West with various different partner organisations: Cafe Catering Assistant at The ParkEngagement Assistant at Knowle West Media CentreGeneral Assistant at KWMC The FactoryReception & Social Media Assistant at ReWork Each role includes a supported development … Continue reading Local Jobs for Young People

Marshall Walk Proposals & Community Consultation

 “I enjoyed attending the online consultation regarding Marshall Walk.  It was good to see a proposal for land that isn't green space and has been left for several years. The plans shown were interesting I liked the thought of two high accommodations but not three levels high” G (local resident) Working for the Knowle West … Continue reading Marshall Walk Proposals & Community Consultation

Filwood Chase History Society A video about Filwood Chase History Society made by Man Alive Jim Smith pitching for the Filwood Chase History Society grant at our grants event at the Novers Club in January 2020. Filwood Chase History Society is based at The Park Centre on Daventry Road. They're a small group of local residents who have … Continue reading Filwood Chase History Society

Knowle West Community Information: Please Share 05.01.21

There has been a significant increase in Covid cases in Filwood; we currently have the highest number of positive cases in Bristol with cases generally increasing across the city.  In particular, there has been a big increase in the 30 – 59 year olds contracting the disease in our area.  There has been a high … Continue reading Knowle West Community Information: Please Share 05.01.21

The Filwood Fantastic Mini-Golf Club by Megan Clark-Bagnall Visual Artist // Social Maker

HIYA,  My name is Meg. I’m a local artist based here in Knowle West. I live and work in my home & art studio both at the top of Novers Hill, and through this project I met a NEW next door neighbour for the first time. A lovely person who I didn’t know before lockdown! … Continue reading The Filwood Fantastic Mini-Golf Club by Megan Clark-Bagnall Visual Artist // Social Maker