New Secondary school – letter to secretary of state for education

Earlier this year Knowle West Futures and Knowle West Alliance wrote to the Secretary of State for Education and the Mayor about the delay in opening for the new local secondary school; specifically, to request that an interim solution is found for young people who would be starting in Y7 in 2023/24. We have just received a response.

In a nutshell: The Department for Education are actively looking for solutions:

a. other schools increasing intake for that year 

b. seeking appropriate local sites to host an interim/temporary provision for that year group.
If and when we receive further updates, we will let you know. 

If you have ideas/concerns and want to input, it is worth contacting your ward Councillors: 


Cllr Jackson:
Cllr Goodman:


Cllr Davies:

Cllr Hopkins:

Full letter from KWA & KWF and the response from Department for Education below