**Local Lettings Policy for new affordable housing – Discussion**

You are welcome to join us on Tue 5th July at 5pm at Filwood Community Centre to explore ideas for a Local Lettings Policy for new affordable housing developments in Knowle West.

– A local lettings policy for Lockleaze has recently been set up- We’ll consider whether a similar policy might be suitable for Knowle West – maybe there are things that could be changed or added in; what area would it cover.

– Heather Barham, BCC Community Development, will join the meeting and is kindly offering to help with looking at how a similar policy could be developed for Knowle West and researching more about the evidence of housing need.

– We’ll also identify who should be involved and how we can best inform and engage people about this going forward

Apologies to those who have expressed interest but can’t make it to this meeting – we’ll keep you posted and hope we can find good dates for forthcoming meetings.”