The coronavirus won’t win against Knowle West

23 April 1938 was a day that changed Knowle West forever: it was then when Filwood Community Centre opened its doors for the very first time.  

“The Centre,” it was said at the time, “is intended to be a homely club in which every member of the community, either individually or in groups, may share opportunities for the fuller enjoyment of leisure and for making friends.” And this is still very much the case today.

The building, with its 80 years of serving the community, made it through the Second World War, and it will, without a doubt, also make it through the coronavirus crisis.

It’s been my honour to work at the Centre as its Communications Coordinator over the last year and a bit. It’s a privilege to work at the same place where my great aunty Gloria Tucker ran her tap and drama group for 30 years.   

It’s my job to spread the word on what goes on at the Centre, and I thought, before the first lockdown, that there might not be much going on, but I was proven very wrong.

In June, having just finished my degree in Journalism, I was taken on as the Knowle West Community Reporter for Bristol24/7, where I’ve been writing about all the great stuff that’s been happening in our community.    

My first story for Bristol24/7 was on the Filwood Fantastic Mini Golf Club. This led to Richard Gottfried, a crazy golf enthusiast, finding out about and supporting the club, which involved local people making their own mini golf holes at home.

In July, I broke the story about Knowle West getting its own walk of fame, which was launched during the lantern parade just before the second lockdown. This article caught the attention of the BBC, who followed it up.   

I also covered the return of the Filwood Community Market in August, and this led to Dave Wherrett, the chairman of the market, being interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol.

I’ve done some audio stuff as well, having contributed to the Knowle West episode of the 12 Communities 1 Bristol podcast for BCFM and the audio documentary, ‘The New Wild West’, for the BBC.

So, as you can see, I’ve been busy producing content on Knowle West, and I’m going to keep doing so. Thank you to everyone for reading, liking and sharing all the stories I’ve done so far. #WeAreKnowleWest

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