A Knowle West sense of purpose

Guest Blog by Knowle West resident Claudia

I have been living in Knowle West for 2 years. My boyfriend grew up here and his daughter now goes to the same school that he went to. I love the sense of community here; it’s rare to walk down the street and not see somebody that you know.

On the 23rd March, like lots of people, I was sent home from work for the foreseeable future.

The time from March to July has been hard for us all in many different ways, particularly with mental health. For me not having my usual routine and a reason to get up and go has been a particular challenge. But living in Knowle West has given me a real sense of purpose.

I attended a project night with the Knowle West Media Centre at the very beginning of lockdown, where I shared an idea that I had about celebrating the streets of Knowle with beach names. Makala and the Filwood Fantastic team were excited about the idea and helped to make it a reality – We went on to build sandcastles and circulate the Knowle West Beaches postcards around the local area, which gave people something to spot on their daily walks; they also provided a way to stay in touch that wasn’t a Zoom call!

My friend’s little girl, Evie, had a lockdown birthday so we dressed up, went to her house and sang her a special birthday song at the bottom of her driveway. This idea grew from an idea I had quite a while ago for a singing bunch of grapes wine delivery service. I posted on Facebook about it and lots of friends and friends of friends booked me to send their loved ones a bottle of wine and a silly personalised song!

I applied for more funding from the Knowle West Alliance to get Knowle West sticks of rock made for residents to ‘do something sweet for someone on their street’. You can pick them up for free from Re:Work, Filwood Community Centre and The Park or I can drop some to your house when I am out and about on my GOLF ROUND!!

Re:work are currently working on building a mini golf course for Filwood Broadway and, as a social distanced taster of what is to come, artist Meg Clark-Bagnall is running an online Golf Club House where families are making their own obstacles and showcasing them on weekly Zoom Club House meetings. I am helping to support the project as ‘Claudia the Caddie’ and will be cycling round Knowle West during the summer holidays dressed as a golfer and offering some socially distanced putting, a cuppa TEE and a Club biscuit!

Having these fun projects to work on has helped me get through this time. I have met lots of amazing people in the area and it has given me a sense of purpose. I hope that they have brought some fun and smiles to the people of Knowle West too!