Lots of housing proposed – have your say

What’s Happening At The Moment – November/December/January

HAVE YOUR SAYWe want to ensure residents voices and opinions are heardmake sure you feedback your thoughts and ideas (how to feedback on each site is detailed below)

  • Housing sites being brought forward by Bristol City Council Housing Delivery Team
  • Modular housing being proposed by Boklok on Airport Road
  • Other sites coming forward TBC

Bristol City Council’s Housing team has brought forward three sites for development locally.  The initial consultation period runs between 5th December 2019 and 6th January 2020.  Although these three sites have been presented at short notice the Council team are working with Knowle West Alliance to follow the Pre Planning Protocol for Community Involvement and keen to listen to, utilise and respond to community feedback.

Full details are here:


The three sites and links to proposed plans:

Feedback surveys for each site here:

There will be follow up events at the end of January 2020 to respond to our collective views.  The Council team will show clearly what they will change and what they can’t and if they can’t then why they can’t.  There will be another opportunity then to feedback your thoughts.

2. Boklok are a developer bringing forward a plan for modular housing on Airport Road.   In this instance the plans have been presented at too short notice for the developer to too follow the Pre Planning Protocol for Community Involvement.  The Knowle West Alliance are working to ensure open transparent communication and to identify how much the community can be included in the process going forward.

Boklok are hosting a Public Consultation Event on Monday 9th December 6-9pm at The Hub, Filwood Green Business Park.

To view the plans you can go online: LINK TO BOKLOK PLANS

To feedback:

1. At the event – write down your comment
2. Write to Turley Consultation Team, 40 Queen Square, Bristol BS1 4QP
3. Call 0117 989 7000
4. Email Boklok-airportroad@turley.co.uk

LAND TRANSFER: If you would like to comment on the proposed transfer of the land from the Council to Boklok you can find the full details here, the deadline for comments is the 19th December 2019: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/bus…/commercial-property-and-land

3. OTHER SITES We are currently seeking an update on the status of the Old Swimming Pool site and the Broadplain site.