Pre Planning Protocol

The Knowle West Alliance launched in Spring 2019.  We are a growing partnership of residents, organisations and businesses working together for positive action in Knowle West; collaborating around changes big and small that make a difference to people’s lives. One part of our work is to support the community’s involvement in plans for development in the area.

KWA members have co-created a Knowle West Pre Planning Protocol for Community Involvement and this has been agreed with Bristol City Council.  This protocol sets out a process that aims to involve the community in having a voice in housing developments coming forward locally.

We are working to ensure community views are heard so that that the best developments are achieved. 

For example, The Park used the Planning Protocol to inform how they included the community in plans for the new centre and worked closely with The Alliance to reach out and get people involved. 

“Early engagement with neighbours and the wider public during the preparation brief through to conceptual and detailed design has assisted greatly.” AWW Architects.

“The look and feel of the design for our new community centre and the final landscaping for the site changed considerably as a result of feedback from local residents. For example, the buildings will be far more colourful than we first planned, our landscaping will retain all existing ecology and be enhanced with certain features requested by our neighbours, including a wild flower garden.  More space has been planned for outdoor seating areas, children’s play areas and space between our new buildings and our near neighbours. We were also encouraged by feedback from local people as we embarked upon a large and sometimes overwhelming development project” Sam Carrier, The Park