Meet our working group

“What I love about Knowle West? – The people, the culture and the no nonsense attitude.”

Vicky Beckwith (CEO of Re:work):

I have lived in South Bristol for almost 30 years!!, 10 years in Knowle West and 5 years in a newly renovated vicarage called The Cairn in Inns Court. The Cairn is our private home but also the home of Knowle West Baptist Church, so we ‘normally’ are involved in lunches, breakfasts, guitar clubs. Our website gives more info:

Phil Lawrence

I live in the Novers area – am a recent resident moving here 2 years ago, but I have worked in the area for over 25 years setting up Knowle West Media Centre. We’ve involved hundreds of people and I’ve seen many young people grow up and do amazing things. What I love about Knowle West Alliance and the area are the people and the potential we have collectively to do things differently. And I now have brilliant neighbours too!

Carolyn Hassan

I was born and grew up in Knowle West. I have lots of family and friends living in Knowle. Knowle is full of good people who want a well connected community that can work together to keep it a safe, happy and clean place to live. I got involved with the Knowle West Alliance once I heard about the work they do. Being part of the Alliance, I can pass on information about what is happening in the community to the residents. I love the fact that all the local organisations share information and work together.

Kelly Hunt

I was born in Knowle west and moved to Lower Knowle 50 years ago, but still have family living in the heart of Knowle West. I have worked in Knowle for Bristol City Council and have tried to help with its development by being involved with several established organisations that do an excellent job for people locally. I became a member of the Knowle West Alliance for I feel it is a great way to create a dialogue between all groups and organisations who work in Knowle and share the excellent vision and work that is needed now and in the future. The area has a great history and very good people. Development and modernisation need to take place to address the changes required for the present residents.

Bob Fisher

“I got involved in the Knowle West Alliance to work more co-operatively with the many organisations and groups in Knowle West. It’s been a really encouraging journey to share common direction with other residents and many people doing amazing stuff locally.”

Ian Watt

I love that Knowle West is made up of down-to-earth friendly people who pull together as a community when they need to. I joined to become more involved and hopefully make a difference. I love that my children are growing up in an area that has given them a strong sense of belonging.

Emily Culblaith

I got asked if I wanted to join the Alliance. I enjoyed it, so I stayed! I started doing stuff at the Media Centre in 2015 and we did a course about how to protect yourself online. I then got into doing laser cutting via them and I said that I’d like to sign up to be involved in any activities they were doing. I think it’s important because we should try and help the community as much as possible and we should be proud of where we live.

Hayley Edwards

I am Kevin Williams and I have lived in the area for over 42 years. I have run my business within the community and have been involved in training for over 20 years and I currently am the chairperson of Filwood Community Market which is a not for profit organisation.
I am also part of Filwood Broadway Working Group and Knowle West Alliance Working Group. I wanted to get involved to help people in the local community and help link and work with the groups that work in the area. I hope that in some way I can contribute to giving something back to our community. 

Kevin Williams

I joined KWA to try and unite all the individual groups of Knowle West to speak as one voice on matters concerning Knowle West. By forming the Alliance, we would have an address and a group that were able to provide answers and knowledge for people outside the area.

Helen Bailey

I started working at Filwood Hope Advice Centre in Jan, 2008. I found the people of Knowle West very friendly and good fun.
In the work we do at Filwood Hope we sometimes meet people in crisis. In us giving a little support  it has amazed me how resilient people are.
I joined KWA as they have facilitated collaboration of the community, organisations and groups and much more. I want to keep in touch with what is happening throughout the area and to hear of the great things people are involved in.  I can then pass on useful information to the clients we see at Filwood Hope.
14 years since I first came to Knowle West – it continues to be a friendly place 😊

Pearl Aitken

I have been involved in lots of different project groups etc over the years of my life in Knowle West. I am involved now because my boss at Youth Moves asked me to be…lol – This is true, but my heart and soul are here and I want the best for my family who will be here, I hope, long after me. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Paul Coyne

I am involved with Knowle West Alliance because, as someone that lives within the community, I enjoy finding out what is happening within the area and how this can be passed on to others. I impartially like keeping the KWA Facebook page up to date with what’s going on and local information. It’s good to help the community you live in connect and feel connected. Plus, I like to volunteer; it’s a great way of gaining skills and finding out what you do and don’t like!

Gail Bevan

We moved to Knowle West in 2016 to join the Lee Abbey Community, and love all the green space and so many friendly people. I’m involved with Filwood Community Centre and St Barnabas Church and it’s great to see all the organisations working together in the Alliance.

Tim Jones

I’ve been in Knowle West Health Park for 4 and a half years. Prior to that, I worked in the Neighbourhood Partnership Team all around dog poo in the area! The Alliance for me is key. By coming together to share knowledge and resources, we can create something different with the community. What I love about Knowle West is the people are very welcoming and lots of people are willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved. What really matters to me is that the community can be the difference it needs – we need to work together as a community.

Heather Williams

I grew up in BS4, but moved to Knowle West 3 years ago. I love making connections and creating playful art in the community. I first got to know about the alliance when I applied for a small grant for a badge maker for my project Brislexic, celebrating being dyslexic. I now work as a Creative Community Engagement Officer for Filwood Fantastic at Filwood Community Centre. I joined the KWA Working Group to keep updated and connected with what’s going on in the area and to share ideas. 

Claudia Collins

Let’s build something together.