What we do & our values

What we are

Knowle West Alliance is a collaborative partnership of active and connected local residents, businesses and organisations building and supporting positive action in Knowle West.

What we do

  • Provide and build a collective community voice and influence for the area through communicating with local people, making sure they know what’s going on, and how they can influence it
  • Build positive relationships with external organisations which can support and benefit the area
  • Offer a co-ordination point and central hub for projects and activities through our core group of volunteers and our Community Development Worker and Facilitator
  • Contribute to building strength and capacity across the area – building wide, not high, through encouraging and supporting activity throughout the whole of Knowle West
  • Draw in and channel resources to support local people, groups and organisations to make the small or large improvements they want in their neighbourhood
  • Strengthen an appropriate communications system and networks within Knowle West and externally
  • To show Knowle West is a confident and vibrant community, both locally, citywide and nationally.

Our Values

  • Share power, knowledge, space and resources for the benefit of Knowle West
  • Build the trust and confidence of people to get involved
  • Recognise and value everyone’s skills and experience
  • Listen to and respect different views
  • Actively seek out, and enable the views of the wider community to be heard
  • Continually work to improve equality of representation and inclusion
  • Be creative and do things differently
  • Enable people to get involved in the ways that they enjoy, in the places they like, on their own terms
  • Be open, clear and transparent in our activities and communications
  • Celebrate successes and make change visible


The Knowle West Alliance needs to be as flexible as possible so it can change its shape according to need and the work in hand. There are three types of involvement:

  • Membership of the Working Group – the heart of the Alliance – key organisations, residents, businesses who meet regularly to steer and carry out the core activities of the Alliance.
  • Associate groups – individuals, groups, businesses and organisations, who are or want to be actively involved in particular projects
  • Allies – people, organisations, groups who broadly support the idea of the Alliance and are interested in staying informed and may want to share their own information through the network

How to get involved, full details HERE