Housing Development Proposals

What’s Happening At The Moment

HAVE YOUR SAY: We want to ensure residents voices and opinions are heard, make sure you feedback your thoughts and ideas (how to feedback on each site is detailed below)

  1. Housing sites being brought forward by Bristol City Council Housing Delivery Team
  2. Modular housing being proposed by Boklok on Airport Road
  3. Other sites coming forward TBC
  1. Bristol City Council’s Housing team has brought forward three local sites to develop for residential housing. These sites will have some council homes and may include affordable housing tenures such as shared ownership. The initial consultation period ran between 5th December 2019 and 6th January 2020.  Although these three sites were presented at short notice the Council team are working with Knowle West Alliance to follow the Pre Planning Protocol for Community Involvement as far as possible and keen to listen to, utilise and respond to community feedback.

Full details are here:


**UPDATE August 2020**


The project team is working up options for the site and looking at the feasibility of the scheme, following feedback from the public consultation and responses to the Pre-application submission in December.

A further public consultation event is planned to take place in due course

In the meantime, the Northern Slopes Group has suggested holding a site walk and meeting together with Cllr Jackson, the Alliance, Council officers and the project team. Date to be agreed.

FilwoodOld Cinema Site

The project team is working on revisions to the scheme following feedback from the public consultation and responses to the Pre-application submission in December.

A further public consultation exercise will take place in due course.

Leinster – former Florence Brown Site

The project team, in conjunction with the Council’s education team, is finalising the documents that will form part of the planning application, for both the new housing and SEND sixth form centre.

The planning submission for the housing element has been submitted (Aug 2020) – you can comment via the Planning Portal, click HERE

Since the public consultation (Nov/Dec 2019) the design has been further developed and refined. 

Key changes are as follows: 

• The development is now 100% affordable with a mix of shared ownership and social rent properties 

• The two storey mews houses backing onto Camberley Road have been replaced with single storey wheelchair accessible bungalows to reduce overlooking and provide much needed accessible housing. 

• The mews street has been redesigned to avoid an existing hornbeam tree in the adjacent back garden and create a more generous zone in front of the houses, improving defensible space for the occupants. 

• The apartment building to the west has been replaced with terraced housing and moved to the south overlooking public open space. There is less overlooking of existing dwellings here as the new building faces the flank wall of the neighbouring houses. 

• The four-bedroom three storey house at the Novers Road site entrance has been re-positioned to the south east side of the site to provide variety to this streetscape. 

•More new street trees have been added to the site 

•The rear elevations of the apartment buildings have been provided with angled bay windows to direct views away from existing back gardens 

• Parking at the turning head has been re-designed resulting in one less space than before. 

• The timber porches to the houses have been replaced with patterned brick to provide a more robust, lower maintenance solution and give the houses a distinct identity. 

•Electric vehicle charging points have been added to 20% of the parking bays with provision for further charging points in the future. A new substation has been included to allow for the increased electrical load ​ 

2. Boklok are a developer bringing forward a plan for modular housing on Airport Road.   In this instance the plans have been presented at too short notice for the developer to too follow the Pre Planning Protocol for Community Involvement; however the Knowle West Alliance are working to ensure open transparent communication and to identify where the community can be included in the process going forward.

FEBRUARY 2020 UPDATE: Boklok have submitted plans to Bristol City Council Planning Department and you can view the plans HERE and comment/feedback HERE (application reference 20/00299/F)

AUGUST 2020 UPDATE: This site has been granted planning permission

3. OTHER SITES We are currently seeking an update on the status of the Old Swimming Pool site and the Broadplain site.