Small Grants

Do you have an idea that can make a difference to our area? Our Small Grants are available to individuals and groups who want to make Knowle West:

  • A safer place
  • A friendlier place
  • A greener place
  • A cleaner place
  • An active place

Knowle West Alliance offer Small Grants to Knowle West-based residents, community groups, organisations or schools for projects that benefit the local community.  Due to the ongoing Covid crisis, we are offering our grants on a rolling basis so you can apply at any time.  Our Grants Panel (made up of local residents and workers) decide which projects will receive the funding. 

We currently have two pots of grant money available:
– You can apply for up to £250 for projects that encourage people to take part in the community and reconnect with their neighbours following the lifting of Covid restrictions. To apply for this money, your project will need to be completed by the end of March 2023.
– We also have grants of up to £100 for ‘greener place’ projects. There is no deadline for applying for one of these grants. Thanks to Sustainable Redland for donating this money to our Small Grants programme.

HOW TO APPLY: Simply look at the grant information sheet and then fill in the one-page application form (below). As long as your idea is helping Knowle West become safer, friendlier, greener, cleaner or more active and you meet the criteria detailed on the information sheet, you will be asked to record a short video about your project and awarded the money.

If you want to talk through your project idea before applying or need help with the application form or video, just contact Frances, the Alliance Community Development Worker:

Email or phone 07942 677131 (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Find out about some of the previous grant projects here.