Food Action Event

This is the full article and list of food hacks that has appeared in the Winter 2021 issue of The Knowledge being delivered as we speak:

A group of residents and local food organisations have been meeting regularly over the past year or so to talk about all things food.   

We believe everyone in our community should have access, skills and knowledge to prepare and enjoy good food.   

In September, we all came together for a food gathering at Knowle West Media Centre.  Together we started to create a food action plan (whilst also eating a lot of lovely food courtesy of The Sandwich Stop, Knowle West Health Association and Square Food Foundation!).   

Lots of actions, big and small were identified, and everyone who came along left the meeting with one small action they wanted to achieve – we will build on this in the new year. 

Claire from Square Food Foundation said: “The food action network meeting provided a much needed morale boost for everyone that attended. 

“ It was so good to meet people face to face, to hear first-hand the enthusiasm and energy that people have for ways in which we can support our community and its residents, and to make some firm, clear pledges for action. I left feeling positive about the future, and looking forward to the next time we meet up.”  

Heather from Redcatch Community Garden added: “As we have recently run children’s cookery sessions at RCG and have a great community space for growing food, I attended the event to understand how we can be part of a solution to food access in Knowle West.

“It was great to meet the residents and other community groups and to learn more about the food challenges and come up with ideas together that will make a difference.”

One of the actions from the event was to have a food page in The Knowledge – so here it is!  Look out for another delicious recipe from Holly, Head Chef at RCG, in the next edition.

Knowle West Health Association’s window display

Knowle West Health Association on Filwood Broadway have also created a ‘Recipe of the Month’ window display. A simple, lower cost recipe will be displayed – If you make it, take a picture and it will appear in their window! Simply email your food picture to Sarah: 

We plan to meet again in the New Year to review progress.  If you’d like to join the conversation, get in touch by emailing 

Food hacks  

Provided by Sarah Minter (Community Access Support Service based at the Healthy Living Centre)  

  1. Prop spring onions up in a jar with water over roots – the tops will keep growing as you cut them to use.
  2. Raspberries or Strawberries going soft?  Blend or mash them with sugar or honey and a little lemon juice, and freeze or keep in fridge for up to 4 days.
    • Great over ice cream, in smoothies or mixed in Eaton Mess (strawberries and or raspberries with crushed meringue and double cream whipped with a little icing sugar and vanilla essence to taste).
    • Keep a bottle of lemon juice in fridge to use.  Enhances flavour in all sorts of cooking and lasts ages.
  3. Buy lemons and limes in packs, juice at home and freeze in ice cube trays, then put in plastic pot and freeze.
    • Prevents throwing out unused fruit.
    • Convenient and economical.
  4. Left over herbs?  Stand in water if using soon, or if using in a sauce, take small amount of sauce, add left over herbs, cook a little and freeze to add to sauce next time you make it.  Could also be cooked in a little oil and frozen.
  5. Like wine in sauces and gravy?  Buy alcohol free wine to use instead.
    • Keeps in fridge for ages
    • Cheaper (no alcohol as you cook it out anyway)
    • You’re not tempted to drink it!!
  6. Stock  Not made stock before?  Here is an easy chicken stock. When making the roast, grab a storage pot and put in veg stalks (broccoli, onion, carrot peelings etc – not potato peelings).  Add any used water from steamer or cooking potatoes, any bits that fall off the chicken and the bones from the meal including juices (use a nut cracker to crack bones).  The storage pot is good for a night in the fridge. When all skin, bones, etc have been collected, put in pan with storage pot contents, add water, cover and simmer gently for 60 – 90 mins.  Cool and put in fridge or freeze in useable size portions. To make gravy, defrost a portion of stock, add alcohol wine to a pan (red or white – to your taste) and a chicken stock cube. If you don’t like thin gravy, mix in a mashed potato to thicken, arrow root or another thickener – even gravy granules. Left over gravy can be frozen or added to stock, after stock is made.  If a thickener is used, gravy thaws to a jelly and water but a good whisking improves consistency.
  7. Bread – If hard, wrap in damp clean tea towel and bake in oven on medium temperature until rehydrated roughly 10 mins depending on size of loaf.  Comes out as if freshly baked!