Knowle West Community Information: Please Share 05.01.21

There has been a significant increase in Covid cases in Filwood; we currently have the highest number of positive cases in Bristol with cases generally increasing across the city.  In particular, there has been a big increase in the 30 – 59 year olds contracting the disease in our area. 

  • There has been a high rate of contact tracing failure, so people are not being alerted if they have been in contact with someone who is positive
  • There are quite a lot of multi-case households
  • Luckily there have been no care home outbreaks
  • We are told it has spread throughout the whole ward
  • It is likely these numbers will increase next week due to the lag prior to going in to lockdown

To look after ourselves and each other we need collective action to drive these numbers down.  Together we can stop the spread of this disease in our community. The key information is:

  • Stay at home as much as possible
  • 1 in 3 people with Covid19 have no symptoms, you could spread it without knowing it, so by following the guidance you are protecting those around you
  • If you have a positive result you must self-isolate, don’t leave the house at all, for 10 days
  • If someone in your house is positive you must all self-isolate, don’t leave the house for 10 days.  You should order food online, or over the phone, ask a friend to drop shopping off or if you require a volunteer then contact the Knowle West Support Hub via the We Are Bristol Helpline, free phone 0800 694 0184
  • If you are well, you can go out for food shopping and exercise; remember your mask, keep your distance from others and wash your hands when you get home.
  • All clinically extremely vulnerable people are once again being asked to shield and will receive a letter from the government with information on what they should be doing to stay safe
  • Please tell other people in the area about the seriousness of the current situation and support one another to stay home as much as possible – this could be in practical ways like getting bread and milk for a neighbour while you are doing your weekly shop, or phoning someone who you know lives alone to check on how they are. Our neighbourliness will continue to make all the difference.

We can do this.  We Are Knowle West!